Tods Flower Totes Handbags

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When I read ‘flower’, I couldn’t control myself; ‘I just got to see what is’.

Well, first of all; it’s from the brand Tods. They have a few classic designs that we love – you know, like the D-Cube Totes, the Sella Bag or the D.D. Totes. Tods spend a lot of thoughts and energy in craftsmanship; they use the best quality leather, detailed attention in cutting, work and sewing (all by hands). Each single object becomes an unique piece, a masterpiece.

Tods Flower Tote Collection is one of their latest releases; it’s an one-of-the kind bag – have you ever heard of a tote bag with a shape inspired by flowers? Nah, me neither.

The tote is not only gorgeous, but the top has a wobbling sensual structure that mirrors the head of a flower. It comes in different colors, even in winter shades. Crafted from semi-glossy tumbled leather, with elegant hexagonal studs. The logo ‘TODS’ is printed in the center, a sophisticated touch with a fringed luggage tag.

The Tods Flower Tote comes in two sizes, small and medium. The small size is measured 22 x 24 x 13 cm, priced at $1095 USD, the medium size is measured 28 x 27 x 16 cm, available at Tods e-store for $1425 USD.

TodsMedium-Flower-Bag-blackTodsMedium-Flower-Bag-brown (1)TodsMini-Flower-Bag-redTodsSmall-Flower-Bag-blueTods-Small-Flower-Bag-blue-interior

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Louis Vuitton V Series Handbags Preview

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1 Louis-Vuitton-V-Line-Pulse-Backpack 11 louis vuitton V bags

Louis Vuitton Start Holdall

Look at the elegant Louis Vuitton start holdall bags below, this go everywhere bag brings understated style to functionality. look at the images about the newest Louis Vuitton bags, its lightweight and full of storage compartments, the V Line Start is the fashionable way to carry the essentials of your active lifestyle. Available in sizes MM (Beige, Navy Blue and Asphalt) and PM (Navy Blue). The MM Beige is priced at $4,000 while Blue and Asphalt carry a $3,600 price tag. The PM is priced at $3,000.

1 Louis-Vuitton-V-Line-Pulse-Backpack- 3

Louis Vuitton Pulse Backpack

Newest model Louis Vuitton Pulse Backpack designed for the active in search of lightweight and urltra mobility which become a perfect choice. As the pictures show, it is desinged fashion water repellent calfskin leather, it boats multiple pockets and compartments to organize the belongings of your busy lifestyle. Signed with the traditional Gaston V. Available in colors Navy and Asphalt ($3,300) and in Beige ($3,600).

1 Louis-Vuitton-V-Line-Move-Messenger 4

Louis Vuitton Move Messenger

In Louis Vuitton’s words “A messenger style bag for life in the 21st century: multipurpose, city proof and elegant.” This trendy messenger bag can be carried in two ways with its internal leather handles – by hand or shoulder. Roomy bag boasts an internal flat zipped compartment and flat pockets. Available in Asphalt, priced $3,000.

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Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2015 Bags are the Brand’s Best in Years

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What Happened To This Replica Hermes Handbags Site?

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(or Uncle Bench, as you probably know them) is one of the sites I usually recommend for replica Hermes handbags but lately I’ve heard some complaints about them and I thought you should know about them. Review Review

The problem is not necessarily with their Hermes fake bags but with their customer service, that seems rather unprofessional. When you send a replica site your money, it’s only natural to expect to be treated with respect.

So the story goes like this: a friend of mine ordered a watch, a pair of sunglasses and areplica Hermes Kelly Mini from them and sent me all the email thread when over a month after making the bank transfer she still hadn’t received her tracking number.

I was really surprised about the way they dealt with the situation so I decided to post this review for you to understand what my friend was so upset about. She wanted to warn people about this seller, so here is the email thread:

Dec 13, 2014, L.:
I sent you proof of my bank transfer.
Please send me my order and if you can not.

Dec 13, 2014, UB wrote:
Sorry am traveling at the moment
I don’t have wifi all the time, I will send you email about the states of your order in china morning.

Dec 14, 2014, L.:
What is the status? Per my bank my money was received by your bank.
Please send my order or a REFUND. I will order from Pursevalley.

Dec 15, 2014, UB wrote:
Just for the email back from office girl.
She said the box mini Kelly is not in stock. She shipped Epsom mink kelly, would it be ok?
I will send pics in the next email.

Dec 16, 2014, L.:
That’s fine

Dec 16, 2014, UB wrote:
Okay I will send you tracking ASAP

Dec 20, 2014
I have not received the tracking information.

Dec 21, 2014, unclebench wrote:
I shipped the mini kelly to beijing ems last night, it will get there monday, and i will have tracking on monday

Dec 23, 2014, L.:
I have not received the tracking info. When is my order that I paid over 1 month ago going to be shipped?

Dec 24, 2014, L.:
I have never experienced this with other sellers. I just want my order or a refund, so I can buy from a different seller.
People work very hard for their money and it’s not fair for you to keep it.

Dec 25, 2014, Unclebench wrote:
will send you tracking today.

Please understand the satiation here is very tricky, cops are everywhere.
we couldn’t ship the bags everyday, they are trying to arrest people.

And here is the email my friend sent me on January 3rd:


I finally received my order from UB.
The watch and sunglasses were fine. I am disappointed in the bag. I’ve attached some pics for you. I was going to order the Birkin 35 graphite Ostrich Skin in gold hardware from UB. I will not place another order from that site. Can you recommend a site that has a mirror image of the authentic bag, and great customer service?

Thank you for your helpful blog.

Replica Hermes Kelly Stitching

Replica Hermes Kelly Stitching

Replica Hermes Kelly Gold Hardware

Replica Hermes Kelly Gold Hardware

Replica Hermes Kelly Turnlock Closure

Replica Hermes Kelly Turnlock Closure

I’m really sorry this happened to you. From what I can see in the photos, your replica Hermes bag is not bad, but I can understand why you don’t want to order replica Hermes handbags from UncleBench anymore.

Just hope that this will be a wake up call for the people at UB. It’s already hard enough to find good replica Hermes handbags, it’s even worse when replica sites we could trust in the past do something like this. are two good options for fake Hermes bags!

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Let’s Check in with Our Favorite Real Housewives and Their Handbags

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Chanel Crocodile Handbags


This is an interesting topic.

The other day I was thinking; for as long as I’ve been working on BRAGMYBAG, most of the comments and emails we get, are from those that crave (read-to-buy) a Chanel bag made from calfskin or lambskin.

But I haven’t received many emails about Chanel bags in exotic leathers like Alligator or Python.

Here are two beautifully crafted Chanel handbags, one is the Chanel Mini Flap Bag in squared shape and crafted from Alligator. It’s painted in pink to enhance its cuteness and it comes with a CC logo on the front as well as interwoven chain links. There is a back pocket made on the other side.

An unrestrained luxury, you get a totally different feel than in lambskin or caviar. It’s rare, extravagant and surely more expensive. Wouldn’t love to take it home?

Then the famous Chanel Boy Bag in Alligator Leather. Instead of quilted, the center wraps itself with alligator patterns. The Boy CC logo on the front and large chains with leather strap.

To be honest, I would be walking away with the pink mini bag first. Both are gorgeous, but answer this question:

If you could choose between the lambskin, caviar or in the crocodile leather, which one would you pick and why?

Chanel Mini Alligator Flap Bag
Style code: A90554
Size: 6.3’ x 7.9’ x 3.1’
Price: Unknown

Chanel Boy Alligator Flap Bag
Style code: A67064
Size: 5.9’ x 9.8’ x 3.1’
Price: Unknown

Chanel Large Alligator Shopping Tote
Style code: A90515
Size: 9.3’ x 13.6’ x 5.9’
Price: Unknown




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