Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer Runway Mini Bags

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The D&G Runway wasn’t just about Barbie Dolls holding the iconic Dior tote bag and packed in a luxury box. No, it was so much more than that. Some of these handbags are so beautiful that you literally want to steal it.

In this post we are going to share a few mini bags that captured our attention. Mind you that these handbags are from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, so we will need to wait a little longer before it’s available to be hunted.

A pure feminine handbag with jewel-like chain. It’s as sophisticated as a mini bag can be, the front looks like a work of art, with jewels and beads in heart shapes and flowers, it’s amazing.

The bag itself is made with complex flower patterns, and it comes with a mini lock for closing. Take this handbag for the special occasions, where you need to flaunt and impress. Wear it with a little black dress and this handbag will fascinate anyone’s eyes. Lovely!

The Dolce & Gabbana Mini Bag is also available in black with different patterns, it truly present the culture and tradition of Italy.

More information will be shared later on.

Dolce-Gabbana-Spring-Summer-2015-Mini-Runway-Bags (1)



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Miss Dior Pearlised Lotus Mini Pouch with Chains

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Miss Dior Mini Pouch With Chain is love.

Built with Elements of DIOR’s tradition.

It’s like the baby-version of the famous Miss Dior Shoulder Bag – so amazing. Decidedly feminine, it features a pearlised lambskin, featuring a pale gold clasp that adds not only elegance, but also practicality.

A gorgeous handbag, ideal for the night-outs or for the moments when you need to flaunt. It’s an alternative to the Chanel WOC, even tough you can’t compare them together. The lambskin feels luxurious and butterly soft, while the golden hardware looks like jewelries. It comes with a detachable chain, it may be worn across the body, on the shoulder or carried by hand.

Ingeniously structured, the inside of this model features a large compartment, an inside and outside flat pocket and three credit card slots. Measuring 16 x 11 x 5 cm, the chain is 120 cm long.


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Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag in Velvet

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What’s going on?

Well, for the Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we’ve spotted an unforeseen increase in Classic handbags made from Velvet. The material is different, which makes these bags cheaper than leathers.

You know what? Let’s summarize how much Velvet we’ve got so far:

These are ‘must read’, especially if you want to know more about the durability and maintenance of Velvet, please read Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet.

All right, let’s get back to the main topic.

Our purpose is to find as much information as possible for you to pick, and what we’ve found is ‘what appears to be’ the Chanel (Extra) Mini Classic Flap Bag in Velvet. Variation in your wardrobe is a healthy thing. If you already own the Chanel Flap Bag in Leather and do not want to invest too much in Velvet, perhaps you can take a size smaller, like this bag.

This seasonal piece comes in different colors like red, green blue or purple. What makes it so unique is the black shiny hardware crafted on the CC and also on the chains. Basically the size and shape is the same like the Classics.

Now, I do not know the sizes and the exact price of this bag. But I do know that is much cheaper than leather.


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Prada Saffiano Leather Mini Sound Flap Bag

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Okay, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, one of the most coveted bags in fashion. It’s leather, structure and fame are the exact formula needed to make any woman melt. We know that.

Prada is known for its simplicity, have you ever spotted one of their latest bags in crazy prints and ‘oversized logo’s’. Nahh, leave that to Miu Miu, the sister company of Prada.

But what if they decide to do something crazy, like… striping the Saffiano Lux Tote and then re-make it into a Flap Bag. Oh yeah, I am talking about a bag that can be worn on your shoulder. Presenting the Prada Mini Sound Flap Bag in Saffiano Leather.

Not too sophisticated and not too simple, just like your cup of tea, not too sweet and not too bitter. And because of its easiness, the Mini Sound Flap Bag can be worn in almost all occasions; you can go from day to night, from work to club. The secret lies in the leather, the saffiano is as strong as a rock and only Prada can manufacture it.

The silver hardware matches to the beautiful color of your choice. It comes with two detachable leather shoulder straps, one is 43 cm long and the other is 105 cm long. The logo is embossed on the clasp and it features a snap-lock closure on the front. There’s even an inside pocket crafted on the flap, just for the convenient.

Measuring 24 x 13.5 x 3.5 (L x H x W) in cm, priced at $1,930 USD or €1350 euro’s.








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Givenchy Mini Antigona Bag

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The iconic’s always return year after year, so do not worry if you haven’t found the perfect combination of color and leather yet. The Givenchy Antigona Bag is one of fashion’s I-must-have tote bag, I mean, even our wardrobe is screaming for it. It’s practical and durable, with a shape that will never die, now who can say no to that?

We all know about the Givenchy Antigona Bag in medium and large size, but what might not be in your fashion encyclopedia right now (not yet, but about to), is the Givenchy Mini Antigona Bag. Yes, a mini tote that can be carried with just two fingers, an accessory to brag about and if you’re flaunting anyway, go ahead and create some jealousy.

Basically the shape of the mini is quite similar to the medium size, the logo and the handles are exactly on the same spot. It also comes with a long shoulder strap to carry around your shoulder, the strap can be removed whenever you want. The interior is interesting; it got a zip pocket and two patch pockets. Made from goatskin or calfskin, available with grains, metallic and smooth. You can also choose from various colors depending on your personal taste. Go for the classic black if you like to have an everyday bag or pick pink for the more exciting life style.

Measuring 28 x 28 x 13 cm (H x W x D), the price is only slightly lower than the medium size and depending on the leather you like.


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If you’ve followed Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Couture Show, then you must have noticed one specific thing. Almost all the models were carrying a tiny bag around their waist. And all of these waist bags are designed in different colors, materials and decoration. We just hope Chanel will make this bag available in store.


A Mini Waist Bag is not only beautiful but also functional. And especially if you want a tiny bag but do not want to carry an oversized bag in the evening or the night-outs. What’s even better is that you cannot accidentally lose your bag because it’s always attached to your waist. Your personal belongings and the most important essentials will always be hand-reached.

Our favorite Chanel Mini Waist Bag is the one made from pearls (or it looks like its partly made from pearls). The gorgeous beige color is lady-like and time-tested.



Here’s another cute one. This Mini Waist Bag is a bit bigger than the others, which fits more essentials. But I love the attached Crystal bug.



























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