What’s In My Celine Trio Pouch: Yao Yao Essentials

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Because the Celine Trio Pouch is so famous, we wanted to do a full review about it. And so, we catch up with Yao Yao, a fashion blogger from the Netherlands. She heart the Celine Trio Pouch so much that she decided to purchase two pieces of it. Please share!

What was the first designer bag you bought and tell us about your experience?
My first designer bag was from Gucci. It was a light pink Gucci handbag. Super girly and super cute. I got it from my parents. I was super excited, since it was my first designer bag. I was so happy, I felt like if I was the happiest girl on earth.

How did you discover the Celine Trio Bag and why was it a ‘must have’ for you?
I discovered the Celine Trio Bag while I was reading fashion blogs. I saw a lot of bloggers carrying a Celine Trio Bag and I fell in love with it. Love the simplicity of this bag. It also has three separate compartments, which is what I like. It really keeps my stuff organized.

When did you buy it and what was the price at the moment?
I bought it a few weeks ago. The price of this bag is at the moment EUR 650.

Why did you picked the color ‘pink’?
Pink is one of my favourite colours. When I saw this bag, I thought by myself that’s a really gorgeous colour. I have to try it out. So, I went to the mirror with it and thought that this colour actually looks good on me.

Do you use the Celine Trio Bag as an everyday or occasionally and why?
Occasionally, because of the bright colour. You have to match the right clothes with it. Otherwise it will just look weird if the colour combination doesn’t go well with each other.

Yao Yao’s bag essentials:
1. iPhone
2. iPhone EarPods
3. Lipbalm
4. Lipgloss
5. Wallet
6. Keys

Can you tell us a bit more why these are your necessities?
When I’m on my way, I always listen to music. That’s why I always carry my phone with EarPods. My lips tend to be a little bit dry, so I always carry a lip balm. Just in case I need to buy something, I always carry a wallet with some money in it. And last but not least, they keys. Trust me, never forget to take your keys with you. I’ve been there waiting couple of hours in front of my house.


What is the most important thing you look for when purchasing a brand-new designer bag?
I just ask myself one question. Will I still like this bag in the future (about 5 years later)? That’s why most of my bags are classic bags.

Any other fashion advice?
Just wear anything that you think looks good on you, not just because it’s in trend right now.


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Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag in Velvet

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What’s going on?

Well, for the Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we’ve spotted an unforeseen increase in Classic handbags made from Velvet. The material is different, which makes these bags cheaper than leathers.

You know what? Let’s summarize how much Velvet we’ve got so far:

These are ‘must read’, especially if you want to know more about the durability and maintenance of Velvet, please read Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet.

All right, let’s get back to the main topic.

Our purpose is to find as much information as possible for you to pick, and what we’ve found is ‘what appears to be’ the Chanel (Extra) Mini Classic Flap Bag in Velvet. Variation in your wardrobe is a healthy thing. If you already own the Chanel Flap Bag in Leather and do not want to invest too much in Velvet, perhaps you can take a size smaller, like this bag.

This seasonal piece comes in different colors like red, green blue or purple. What makes it so unique is the black shiny hardware crafted on the CC and also on the chains. Basically the size and shape is the same like the Classics.

Now, I do not know the sizes and the exact price of this bag. But I do know that is much cheaper than leather.


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Bottega Veneta opens a Maison in Beverly Hills its second in the world

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The store brings this concept to life through skylights on the upper floor and a color palette of neutral, earthy tones as well as natural elements like walls and ceilings in bleached oak wood and flooring in fossil Piscina stone, Coquina stone and natural color brushed Oak wood. The space draws on Mediterranean Revival and the Southern California architecture from the early last century, inspired by the Mexican Colonial Spanish Revival style. Maier was particularly influenced by George Washington Smith, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and his masterpiece Austin Val Verde and Lutah Maria Riggs’s Romberg House.
“For the last several decades my eye for this style of architecture has evolved following frequent visits to places such as Santa Barbara, Montecito and Pasadena,” Tomas Maier explained. “The restraint and proportion of the minimalist Spanish Colonial architecture – the lack of color, the simple complexity of the arches, the choice of stone – all contributed to the facade design and interiors for this Maison.”

READ:  Bottega Veneta opens exhibition-like store in Los Angeles

“Bottega Veneta confirms its commitment to an ambitious development in the United States, focusing on Los Angeles, where the company opened one of its first boutiques in the late seventies on North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills,” said Carlo Alberto Beretta, Bottega Veneta CEO.

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Chanel Up In The Air Bags

1 / 2

And yes, that is the name; Chanel Up In The Air and it’s a flap and tote bag. I like the name; it’s catchy like it should be. Is this a new crave? No its not, but you can still find it in the Cruise 2014 Collection.

It was a new addition to the classic flap and tote line, first introduced in pre-spring and summer 2013 collection. A bag that got stuck between chic and casual. You could wear it at work and you take it to your friend’s wedding. So why love the Chanel Up In The Air? First of all, it’s different. It moves you away from the classic quilted flaps to try something that not everyone carries. You will still be adorned by the beautiful chain, CC logo and the classic shape, so no lack of iconic features.

For the Cruise 2014 collection, new colors have been introduced, the images you see are from the pre-spring 2013 collection. But I also have one bad news, the prices have gone up. WTF!

The Chanel Up in the Air bags are made from calfskin and only available in silver hardware. The new colors for the flap bags are Ivory, Red and Black. The style code is: A67652, the prices went from $2,700 USD to $3,000 USD and I am referring to the medium size, which is measured 6.6 x 11.6 x 2.4.

The tote bag is also in Ivory and black, but there is a new lusting color; Navy Blue. The style code is: A67654 and the size is 11x14x6.5. The price went from $3,000 USD to $3,400 USD.

This bag can be worn in all season and you might not have notice it on the pictures, but it has a strong sense of appearance. So what do you think? Practical or not?

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