Hermes Surf Wallets Collection

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Hermes Surf Wallets Collection Hermes Surf Wallets Collection

Hermes Surf wallets is inspired by surfboard which is very innovative. This looks a little like purse bag pencil. This Surf wallet comes in various colors like Colvael and lime. Hermes Surf wallets made from  Epson genuine leather paired with silver plated palladium finish hardware. With a zipper detail on silver finishing, also a logo ‘ H ‘ which is the abbreviation of Hermes at the side of the end of the zipper. Hermes Surf wallets chic and unique so they are ideal to carry everywhere you go.

Hermes Surf Wallets 2017 Hermes Surf Wallets CollectionHermes Surf Wallets Hermes Surf Wallets CollectionHermes Yellow Surf Wallets Hermes Surf Wallets CollectionHermes Black Surf Wallets Hermes Surf Wallets CollectionHermes Pink Surf Wallets Collection Hermes Surf Wallets CollectionHermes Small Surf Wallets Hermes Surf Wallets Collection

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Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection

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Hermes has released a fun and bright collection for their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection features fruit inspired small leather goods such as coin purse that can also be used as bag charms, as well as clutch bags. The small clutch can double as a wallet, as it includes two credit card slots and a pocket. It can fit basic necessities like cards, cash, lipstick, keys and a smartphone. The small leather goods are made of different materials such as Tadelakt, Chevre, Swift, Ostrich and Crocodile shaped into various fruits like apple, lemon, orange and strawberry.

Style & Price



Hermes Tutti Frutti Coin Purse Charm $830.00 (USD)
Hermes Ostrich Strawberry Tutti Frutti Coin Purse Charm $1,750.00 (USD)


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Fall-Winter 2016 Womens & Mens Hermès: First Look

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From Hermès’ Fall-Winter 2016 collection comes so many beautiful things that I’ll be honest, I still know nothing but here’s a sneak peek anyway because I’m a firm believer that #goodthingsmustshare.

From the Octogone bag in Epsom calfskin leather that comes with the Rocabar strap to a rather curious ID-card sling strap that comes with a shark motif (the same motif also appears on the Bolide45 and other accessories as well), it’s a collection that’s fun and unexpected, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but very ‘youthful’ as well.

Take, for example, the Grrrr! cashmere and silk scarf  featuring an adorable bear designed by Alice Shirley that’s also actually cute. And then there are the bracelets, simply known as bracelets in Swift calfskin that come with a newly imagined bijou strap, which can be worn stacked and come in various interpretations, from square/round studs to square perforations and even double tours, all varied takes on the original Collier de Chien.

Last but not least (for now, anyway), the Gambade earrings, featuring house symbols that also come in the form of necklaces and bracelets in rose gold and a sprinkling of diamonds that according to Hermès, are perfect for ‘everyday wear’. Yes, if I were the heiress to an oil fortune but that’s another story for another day. For now, just enjoy the pieces and I’ll be back with more updates (and even more bags and accessories) soon.

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$298,000 Hermès Birkin Shatters World Record for Most Expensive Handbag Sale

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It was just last June that we reported to you about a new high in handbag resale prices: Christie’s Hong Kong had just sold a pink crocodile Hermès Birkin for a record high of $221,000. That record didn’t even make its first anniversary; earlier this week, Privé Porter announced it had broken that record with a $298,000 Birkin of its own, and it’s one that will look familiar to PurseBlog readers.

Privé Porter is a resale business that focuses on unused (but previously owned) Birkins and operates primarily via Instagram, where it’s able to reach a worldwide audience of shoppers looking to add rare handbags to their collections. In November, Privé Porter hosted a pop-up Birkin yacht at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and Megs and Vlad were among the attendees who got to peruse the collectible Birkins. The new record-breaker was among the bags in the selection, and it appears in our photos of the event, including the one above.

The bag is a 35cm Birkin in Braise shiny Porosus crocodile, finished with 18-karat white gold encrusted with pavé diamonds, at a total weight of more than ten carats. It was manufactured in 2008 and sold to a US buyer via the brand’s New York City flagship on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Privé Porter acquired the unused bag from the original owner in 2015, and it was purchased from the company by a Los Angeles-based buyer who chose to remain anonymous. The Christie’s bag can still technically claim the title of the most expensive handbag sold at auction; this Birkin sold at a named price with no bidding.

We spoke to Privé Porter co-found and Managing Director Jeffrey Berk, who had this to say of the bag and its sourcing process: “Even with the sheer volume of Birkins we’re offered daily, we are very careful about the bags we actually buy. Is the color special? When was it produced? How rare is it? But we knew that when we had the opportunity to acquire this Braise Croc, we’d stumbled upon one of the special Birkins, the way a horse trainer may see a newborn and know that’s a Triple Crown winner someday. We hoped to sell it to someone who appreciated the bag as much as we do, and from what we understand, the buyer is a very sophisticated collector who genuinely understands how special and rare this bag is. Which is reflected in their willingness to pay the record price.”

Hermès reds and pinks are particularly sought-after shades for collectors; a Rouge H (which is a bit deeper than braise) Birkin set a sales record of over $203,000 back in 2011 via Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, and the most recent record holder from Christie’s in Hong Kong was bright pink. Recently, handbag resellers have been trying to convince the buying public that Birkins are a better investment than stocks or gold bars, and if you’ve got a red or pink croc Birkin at the ready, that just might be true.

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Hermes Spring/Summer 2016 Scarves Reference Guide

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Introducing the Hermes Spring/Summer 2016 Scarves. Hermes features reprints in their latest collection including Les Ailes Pleines de Joie, Manufacture de Boucleries, Cuivreries and Balade en Berline. New designs includes Under the Waves, Modernisme Tropical, Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs and Panthera Pardus. This season’s prints features Floral, Nature and Animal prints, as well as, abstract designs in pastel and vibrant colors.

The Hermes Spring/Summer 2016 Scarves are now available in stores. 

Hermes Silk Twill Scarf 70 – $300.00 (USD)

Hermes Silk Twill Scarf 90 – $395.00 (USD)

Hermes Silk Chiffon Shawl 140 – $870.00 (USD)

Hermes Cashmere and Silk Shawl GM – $1,100.00 (USD)

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The Hermès Sale Goodies

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The news of an ‘Hermès Sale’  sent our readers into an orange frenzy and left them daydreaming of trips to Paris… savings and Hermès, quite possibly the ultimate retail fantasy!

Based on the reactions we received from our readers here, and on Instagram, we realize just how little is known of this sale extraordinaire.

I’d like to share with you what exactly we bought and the savings we experienced from the sale. Asexplained earlier, we arrived to the sale on the third and final day and had budgeted only two hours for the event. I asked my traveling mates to jot down their thoughts about the experience on the return flight from Paris.

We’ll try to share a little ‘handbag math’ for a few purchases to give you an idea of the savings.

*handbag math is a term coined here at PurseBop to show price savings from different purchasing scenarios that has extended beyond just bags. 



Gina’s total Paris shopping haul.

Can you spot her Hermes sale items amidst her total Paris shopping haul?

Gina shares her experience:

  • there was a 15 min. limit at the scarf or GM shawls, a limit of 5 per person, and most were last year’s designs.
  • I expected to see more summer shoes than winter boots, surprisingly, lots of Jumping boots. Not much of a line at the shoes section which was really nice but it was the last day and sizes very random.
  • I didn’t like that at each station I had to wait in another line, which meant having to choose what ‘category’ I wanted most. When that was complete I had another line I had to wait in. Stressful to decide.
  • TIP: Before check out, the cashier will ask you to verify your items.  At that time, I realized I didn’t need certain items and asked the cashier to remove from my total. I suggest you take a moment to realize all you have gathered, it’s very easy to get swept up in the sale frenzy feeling and pick items you would ordinarily never consider at full price.
  • I would definitely go to the next H sale, but I would go on the very first day and I would try the summer sale in July.

Hermes shawl and cashmere mens scarf are sale items.


Hermes shawl, enamels and clic clac are from the sale. Gina also discovered Faurē Le Page in Paris.


Handbag Math

Let’s take a closer look at Gina’s Land Boots to breakdown the savings and comparisons. Remember, there is no VAT refund for Hermes sale items!

Hermes Land Boots

Hermes Boots Regular Price in US: $1,265
Hermes Boots Regular Price in Europe: €1,150 = $1,241
Hermes Boots Sale Price: €575 = $620 (50% off)

Total in US: $1,265 + $130 (tax 10.25%) = $1,395
Savings: $1,395 – $620 = $775 (~55% savings)

ChiTown Chanel


ChiTownChanel shares her experience:

The items at the sale were between 40-70% off.  Although I had a specific shopping list of items I was looking for, I thought the sale would be a great opportunity to experiment with new items I had not tried before.  My theory was that if I ended up not loving or using the item, it would be much less of a loss (or that’s what I wanted to think..!).  I purchased a micro rivale bracelet at the sale.  Typically, I prefer the rivale double tour, but the sale was the perfect opportunity to pick up a micro rivale and see how I might wear it to stack with other bracelets.  If I end up loving it, I’ll pick up some additional colors in the future at the regular Hermes boutique.

Overall, I would definitely go to Paris for the Hermes sale again.   I was so curious to see what it would be like.  It was so much fun to be surprised by what items were available. It was almost like an H treasure hunt! But most importantly, it was an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with three of my best girlfriends in Paris.  This girls trip was a dream come true!

Handbag Math

Violet Corfou Sandals
Hermes Sandals Regular Price in US: $830
Hermes Sandals Regular Price in Europe: €550 =  $593
Hermes Sandals Sale Price: €275 = $296 (50% off)

Total in US: $830 USD +  $85 USD (tax 10.25%) = $915 
Total Savings: $915 – $296 = $619 (~68% savings)

Soufre Micro Rivale Bracelet
Hermes Bracelet Regular Price in US: $480
Hermes Bracelet Regular Price in Europe: €395 =$426
Hermes Bracelet Sale Price: €198 = $213 (50%)

Total in US:  $480 + $49 (tax 10.25%) = $529
Total Savings: $529 -$213 = $316 (~60% savings)

Hermes Les Coupes Beach Tunic
Hermes Beach Tunic Regular Price in US: $1,250
Hermes Beach Tunic Regular Price in Europe: €750 = $809
Hermes Beach Tunic Sale Price: €375 = $404 (50% off)

Total in US: $1,250 + $128 (tax 10.25%) = $1,378
Savings: $1,378 – $404 = $974 (~70% savings)



Celle21 shares her experience:

Moral of the Story – Be Prepared and Be Patient!

I suggest trying out the Hermes sale once for the experience, but go in with no expectations and great patience. Eat first, dress comfortably and be prepared for numerous lines. I think going on the first day would be ideal, however I don’t think I could wait in line for 3-4 hours. We went on the last day and were there by 8:30 am and still waited plenty.  I heard people were in lines at 5 am on the first day. Just not worth it to me personally.

I bought two RTW sweatshirts and a cashmere scarf. Perhaps I chose a few items that I may not have purchased if I weren’t at the sale.




My personal experience:

I really went in blindly as I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that there were not going to be any handbags at the sale.  I must confess I am not the best sale shopper. I’m not one of those talented individuals that can brave crowds and hunt through racks and piles to search for that perfect IT piece. I tend to select very carefully and often need time to explore all my options. I am not an accumulator, but sort of a collector of only things that I love. I’m not an impulsive or pressure shopper, except with Hermes birkins and kellys, LOL.

  • I loved that I was able to share this experience with fellow enthusiastic Hermes lovers, else it would have been very difficult to explain/manage wait times.  On my own, I would likely never attempt one. Fabulous adventure for a girls trip (but not with Mr. PurseBop, he would not have the patience)
  • I was very impressed with the organization and layout of the sale but one major deterrent for me was I could not scan to see what exactly was available at each station before making any decision. For example, I stood in the jewelry line first, I had to decide how many pieces I wanted without knowing what else I might discover. I confess my Paris shopping budget was primarily being being reserved for shopping at FSH, so I did not want to spend frivolously. I did not know standing buying clic clac’s if my dream boots were around the corner? It was a challenge to budget your shopping at the sale, so I guess either one goes without one, or one must be content with your first picks.
  • I am a size 8 in shoes so selections for me were very few, many smaller and larger sizes available.
  • RTW was too random for my tastes
  • I am not a huge shawl/scarf lover and it was way to hectic in that area for me anyway. I preferred the areas with less chaos and rush.
  • I needed time to process it all, I think on my next visit I would be more articulate with my strategy and manage my expectations better. I would prefer to go to the sale at the end of my trip having a sense of my total regular purchases under my belt.
  • I regret not buying more clic clacs/enamels for my sisters and as giveaway gifts here on my site. Although please note, you do not get any boxes with these purchases.
  • I should have bought more men’s scarves/ladies shawls as great gifts for our friend’s birthdays.
  • It would be lovely to attend again with a list of all the people/events one could buy gifts for. One is able to present someone with an otherwise out of budget Hermes gift for half the cost.  For example, if one’s budget for a particular person is $200, you could theoretically give someone a very special clic clac valued at $500.
  • I would definitely attend again, but on a more relaxed schedule. I wanted to be out and about exploring Paris and had not had my fill of regular shopping when we went to the sale.


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