Fendi S/S16 Micro Baguette Collection

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There isn’t much left to say about Fendi’s Micro Baguette bags that you don’t already know. They are small (13.5 cm by 8.5 cm, to be exact), they all come with ‘faces’ (which can either be adorable or creepy, depending on which side of the fence you are on) and they are multi-purpose. Yes, multi-purpose, to either hold the barest of your essentials, or to instantly dress up a much larger and possibly drab bag with this cutest of bag charms.

It comes with two slings, one a shorter metal one that makes carrying it by hand a breeze (or use the sling to go around the handle of the larger bag), as well as a much longer leather sling, which you can use to wear the Micro Baguette across the body or over the shoulder. Either way you can have much fun playing around it with since the possibilities are truly endless.

Priced at SGD2080 for both the runway (left) and main collection (right) variations, you can pick one (or a couple) up now via Fendi’s boutiques at Marina Bay Sands or Ngee Ann City.

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Are you looking for a funky and edgy bag that will add personality to your style? Look no further as Fendi’s Karlito fur-trimmed leather shoulder bag might be the perfect fix and pick-me-upper. Filled with nothing but cheeky, tickled-pink cuteness, the signature Karlito shoulder bag is one bag accessory that should be a part of your bag collection. Upon seeing it on the stand, one word surged through our minds: kawaii (which is a Japanese word for describing the quality of being cute). The fresh cream-colored leather bag is given a glam and darling effect with a mink fur-trimmed tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

Just look at that cute man design on the front and you’ll surely notice that it’s dear old Karl. It has the following descriptions: detachable chain shoulder strap, magnetic fastening, fabric lining, front slot pocket, zipped pocket, six card slots, calf leather, mink fur, and is made in Italy. Measuring: 12 x 19 x 4 cm (H x W x D), priced at $1600 USD or €1200 euro.





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For cutting edge hand bag pieces, look no further than Fendi. Fresh, fun and off the grill, the newest Fendi Spring/Summer 2016 Bag Campaign is sure to give you the goosebumps but in a great fashionable way. We’re keeping our eyes glued on their myriad of new bag designs and patterns thus keeping true to Fendi’s authentic DNA. Eclectic, brimming with life and colors while coated with built-in luxury, the 2016 campaign is sure to make your hearts skip a beat. Artistic, experimental yet well-coordinated and balanced, you’ll find plenty of handbags that will definitely pass as eye candies worth having for this year’s campaign.

A new take on the Peekaboo was made for this year’s explosive comeback with its youthful and vibrant strikes that will definitely catch the attention of anyone. Luxurious, fancy and stylish, the Peekaboo is a perfect match for those who are searching for the “It bag” this year.


For the girly girl in you, you’ll find solace and pure ecstasy with the Baguette. Modern, unconventional yet full of funk and girly spontaneity, the Baguette features flower power adornments, off-beat patterns and eccentric color combinations that scream ultimate fashion all the way.
















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Fendi S/S16 Lui

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Very few things stop me dead in my tracks these days when I’m out and about. It could only be a shelf stocked full of Hello Kitty merchandise, a really huge SALE sign or a new bag sitting in the window. Which frankly of the 3 points mentioned above, the last one is probably the one that rarely even happens these days, given how I’m supposed to already be in the know and have seen it all.

But it did.

There it was, sitting in the mens-only Fendi store at Landmark HK, calling out to me in all its splendour, its olive green leather skin adorned with the one thing that got my heartbeat even quicker, a camouflaged-patterned leather strap which made it the most perfect of combinations I’ve seen in a long, long while.

Sporting a top handle that’s reminiscent of the women’s By The Way bag, the Lui(which means ‘he’ or ‘him’ in Italian) also comes with oversized zips on the front and extra-long ‘ears’ at the side which allow you to open the bag bigger and wider. It also comes with an extra top handle at the back, which I suppose is useful if you want to carry the bag another way.

The perfect city bag for the man-on-the-go, it comes in that not-too-big but not-too-small size (like Loewe’s Puzzle, for example, but that’s a post for another day) that I’m favouring a lot these days, just enough to carry your daily essentials without looking like one is about to run away from home.

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A new bag from Fendi and we’re expecting that it will be as famous as the Fendi 2jours and the Peekaboo bag. Whether that’s true or not, only the time can tell.

Meet the Fendi Dotcom bag – it has a futuristic name for the modern lady. The bag is designed as minimal as possible in order to create a timeless appeal. And as we look even more into the details, we noticed that the front closure is crafted in a unique way – it has a key-like hole and the interior leather pouch’s conical stud is the secret key to lock it. The pouch can be removed and used as a flat clutch.

The logo Fendi Roma is decorated on the top, it comes with single handle and detachable shoulder strap. The interior comes with not one but two internal flat pockets.

The Fendi Dotcom bag was first shown on the Resort 2016 Collection. Recently we spotted the Dotcom bag with flower embellishment on the Spring Summer 2016 Runway, so for those that thinks single-colors are boring, well more surprises are coming.

Measuring 30 x 24 x 14 (L x H x D) cm, priced at $2400 USD via Fendi boutique.







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Fendi Peekaboo Mini Satchel Bag: Take a Peek

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Fendi Peekaboo Mini Satchel Bag

Peekaboo, I see you! The Vogue “It” Bag competition hasn’t concluded yet, but I’m calling it now. Fendi’s Peekaboo satchel in mini or micro size is it! While the micro is no doubt the trendier of the two, the mini will be more functional in the long run. And when you’ve got function and form, you’ve got it all.

I can talk about what I love about this bag, but it’s more a matter of what’s not to love. A classic shape with a very distinctive, whimsical personality of its own, it’s just enough of everything. Plus, with a perfectly divided interior and an optional shoulder strap, it’s as practical as can be. In bright blueicon, it’s young and playful. In the colorblocked trio of pale pink, yellow, and orangeicon, it’s uniquely beautiful. In black and cobalt pythonicon, it’s insanely decadent. In black with pops of red and fuchsiaicon, it’s neutral with a yummy twist. And in navy crocodileicon, the mini Peekaboo is almost too glamorous to be real. I probably don’t have to tell you I’m not playing favorites and want each one! In a word, it has all the elements of a dreamy, Snobby bag. Fendi Peekaboo mini satchel bag available

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