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Diorama Handle Clutch With Chain


Diorama WOC

It’s named the Diorama Clutch with Chain, but it’s not much different than the Diorama Wallet On Chain Bag. I would say, this Diorama Bag is even better because it comes with a handle. This new bag is from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, let’s talk about the design and the differences between the WOC version. Excited? Read on!

The Design

Chanel has the Boy Bag, Dior is competing with the Diorama Bag. Both are boyish-inspired and crafted with large bold chains. The Diorama Bag needs no introduction because it has been featured on Bragmybag multiple times. It’s also one of the most talked-about handbags in the fashion community.

The Diorama Bag is best known for its signature crest-shaped clasp, which looks like a badge. The Large Cannage design is Dior’s own iconic version of quilting. This is a gorgeous handbag and it should be on your never-ending wish list.

Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain vs Diorama WOC

I think both are fabulous and they’re not competing but complementing. The Diorama Clutch with Chain Bag comes with an extra handle for hand carry. This handle reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Metis Bag, which is not only handy but extraordinary stunning. This one small addition creates a complete different look, setting itself apart from the Diorama WOC.

The chains on both Diorama bags can be removed to change into an evening clutch. One more small difference between these two bags is the sizes. The Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain is measured 19 x 11 x 4 cm while the Diorama WOC is measured 19 x 12 x 3 cm. The size difference is not huge, but it has to do with the interior design. Let’s talk about that.

So in short, what are the biggest differences?

  • The handle
  • The sizes
  • The interior (we will talk more about this below)


The Interior

The inside Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain is well structured and can carry all your basic stuff. The interior is made up with one large compartment, which includes an removable internal zip pouch and 2 card slots

The interior of the Diorama WOC is made with one large compartment, 4 credit card slots, 1 flat pocket and 1 zipped pocket.

So the Handle Clutch with Chain has less pockets but it comes with a removable zip pouch. The Diorama WOC has more pockets and the sizes of both bags are almost identical.

The Sizes And Prices

The Diorama Handle Clutch With Chain Bag is measured 19 x 11 x 4 cm, the chain is measured 120 cm. The price is unknown for now, please check with the SA for more details.



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As if the bag craze isn’t yet all over the place, here comes Dior’s Diorama Club Bag Collection. These are definitely a fascinating and dazzling Dior Collection that you should get your hands on. They are that good, no that’s actually an understatements, they are that great and and exceptionally beautiful.

The Diorama Club bag looks quite similar to the original Diorama at first glance but as you take a look closer, you’ll be surprised to see that they come in a smaller and much compact size and that they have beautiful large clasp. In fact, some of the clasps are embellished and made perfect with exquisite crystals and beads.

The Diorama Bag never looked this good but don’t be deceived since these are Diorama Club Bag to be exact. They are Dior’s fresher and quirky takes on the handbag trend.

The color selection and material variety is out of this world. We bet you couldn’t even decide which one to choose since you might be choosing not less than two. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Measuring 18 x 12 x 7.5 cm, the normal leather is priced at €2150 euro via Dior boutique.














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Diorama Bag is a new bag from French fashion powerhouse Dior. Though it has just been recently launched in the fashion market, the bag is selling like hot pancakes the moment it was released. The Small Diorama Bags in Pop of Colors are the smaller version of the original Diorama Bag and the design is new for this season.

For those who couldn’t wait to get their first dibs on these news bags, we’re gong to let you in on a secret. The bags come in different colors, we’re seeing salmon pink, sky blue, black and royal blue. You can also choose in two different leathers: the normal shiny calf leather and the famous crocodile leather.

These bags are quite impressive because they look so simple, yet crafted in a way that’s addictive. You see, they’re all available in single colors, refined with silver chain link for shiny purpose. And the crest-shaped locker is the last ingredient to finalize the design – it looks larger because the bag is smaller and I am fine with that. One please!

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We are all about them architectural pieces here, and we love it! Dior is releasing some great wallets in the form of the Diorama – a shining patent calfskin piece that’s worth every pretty penny. If you would want to house your valuables in something that’s highly original in terms of design, then this is your best bet, sister!

These Diorama wallets are adorned with an oversized graphic cannage motif that’s very streamlined yet chic to look at. This piece is actually a great one to sport especially when you’re into sleek designer goods, because small leather never looked this cool. It even has a crest-shaped clasp in silver tone metal, which gives the whole look a beautiful shine. One of the stars of the Spring-Summer 2015 show, you better get yourself one of these.

For the black one, there are compartments for notes and cards, a zipped pocket, two flat pockets, three gusset compartments and twelve credit card slots. Pretty packed for a teeny stunner right? But if you’re more of a blue kind of girl, then it’s as filled as well, with one zipped pocket, four flat pockets, one billfold compartment and ten credit card slots. That’s enough to last you for some time.

Get yours now via Dior e-store!




Diorama Explorateur Wallet in Blue Lambskin
Size: 14cm x 10cm
Price: €660 EUR




Diorama Explorateur Wallet in Black Patent Lambskin
Size: 19.5cm x 10cm
Price: €680 EUR

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