The Most Honest Review Of Their Fake Birkin Bag!

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Trust me, this review has all the details you need to know in case you were planning to order a fake Birkin bag from them! Not just how their Birkin is, but also how their customer services are.

Fake Birkin Bag Review

So if you want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of buying replica Hermes handbags from this site, take a look here. Things are almost never 100% black or white, you need to take all the nuances into consideration!

Review – My Thoughts

This is one of the replica sites I recommend for affordable Hermes Birkin replica handbags. Sure, some of their Birkins are better than other. Some have better stitching, some have better stamp and so on. And it’s also normal to expect a $980 fake Birkin bag made of original leather to look more authentic than one that costs less than $300.

I hope that you understand that just because I recommend a certain site it doesn’t mean that all their replica bagsare equally good! This becomes more obvious when you see that sometimes the reviews for the same site are so different. And it’s not necessarily because the bags are of different quality but also because each of us has different standards. For some people small flaws are really not a problem while others might be really bothered by those same flaws. That’s why I said that nuances are extremely important when it comes to replica handbags.

Anyway, this review will show you both the good parts and the bad parts of this fake Birkin bag and the entire shopping experience. To me the customer services are extremely important as well and so is the way a replica site rep decides to manage a bad situation when the customer is not 100% satisfied. Would you ever buy again from a replica site that treated it you like hell? I sure wouldn’t!

Customer Review

“Hi Eva,

I just got my very first replica birkin bag from hermessale. Well technically, I personally do not consider this is in birkin family, but whatever. I had been eyeing on this bag back in 2005 when it first came out. However, I was in college back then, so of course, who would own a birkin right. Anyway, when I can afford a real birkin, this bag becomes limited. In addition, I heard few complains in regards the comfortabilities of the bag… so I turn to replica in the end to give this bag a try. At this point, after I get the bag, I am still not sure. However, good thing is I did not spend to much $$$$ on authentic one.

So, enough about the reasons, let’s start with the review.
What can I say about Hermessale
– Positive: Tracy is super helpful and very fast in response. The bag comes in an almost perfect (there is a but..) It is exactly like the photo on the website. Shipping is extremely fast to US, only take 8 days total since I made a payment. (I mean this is my first time buying stuff shipping from China, the shipping speed seems to be faster than shipping from East to West coast :) ) The stamp is great, stiching is not sloopy.. just like my current birkins (Even my husband thinks it is a good quality bag!) The price cannot be beaten for sure

– Negative: It is too perfect to be true.. and this is 100% correct! :( I feel I am unlucky, but I also wish the shipment service could be more careful. You know this type of thing could happen with authentic one as well, but you can just walk to their store to exchange… Anyway, I found tinny rips both side of front handle tab. I can just throw in a twilly to cover this. However, the thing makes me EXTREMELY UPSET is the residual white like glue inside the bag. It is like sticker that you take off, but the glue still leaves behind. I try wet towel to wipe it off, but it does not even go anywhere.
– Outcome: I email Tracy immediately and she said they will be more careful and take photo of pre-shipment for any future orders if I have one. Also, they offer a small gift to comfort me ==> I mean, what else can I do here? I wont ship back because you know the shipping is ridiculous!

My husband tries to comfort me and said it is pretty good for first time replica buyer and these errors are not very visible ??☹️ I feel like I am traumatized and I will always look at this bag as if bad thing will eventually be exposed/broken at anytime :(

Enough me saying, what do you think??”

Logo Stamp Fake Birkin Bag

Fake Birkin Bag Stamp

Fake Birkin Bag Date Code

Fake Birkin Bag Date Stamp

Fake Birkin Bag Metal Plate Engraving

Fake Birkin Bag Hardware Engraving

Fake Birkin Bag Leather Lining

Fake Birkin Bag Interior View

Fake Birkin Bag Base Of The Handle View

Fake Birkin Bag Handle Base

Fake Birkin Bag Residual Glue

Fake Birkin Bag Glue Stains

Fake Birkin Bag Lock And Key

Fake Birkin Bag Lock

I think my friend here was actually really lucky. Even though she’s right to be upset about those glue stains, this fake Birkin bag is not bad at all and the price is more than fair considering there are much more expensive replica Hermes purses out there. Sure, just because a replica Birkin bag is cheaper it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to get upset when the bag is not perfect! But some flaws can get overlooked easier than others. For example, if a replica bags site states that their bags are made of real leather, I expect it to be made of real leather!

If you came across this problem as well, you could also try nail polish remover to get rid of glue stains. But first you need to test it on a small area that is not visible to make sure it doesn’t discolor the leather. Or if you have any other suggestions on how to remove glue stains from leather, share your tip in the comment section!

Since there’s another recent replica Birkin bag review on the blog (which you can find here), this is my question: which fake Birkin bag do you like more?

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$298,000 Hermès Birkin Shatters World Record for Most Expensive Handbag Sale

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It was just last June that we reported to you about a new high in handbag resale prices: Christie’s Hong Kong had just sold a pink crocodile Hermès Birkin for a record high of $221,000. That record didn’t even make its first anniversary; earlier this week, Privé Porter announced it had broken that record with a $298,000 Birkin of its own, and it’s one that will look familiar to PurseBlog readers.

Privé Porter is a resale business that focuses on unused (but previously owned) Birkins and operates primarily via Instagram, where it’s able to reach a worldwide audience of shoppers looking to add rare handbags to their collections. In November, Privé Porter hosted a pop-up Birkin yacht at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and Megs and Vlad were among the attendees who got to peruse the collectible Birkins. The new record-breaker was among the bags in the selection, and it appears in our photos of the event, including the one above.

The bag is a 35cm Birkin in Braise shiny Porosus crocodile, finished with 18-karat white gold encrusted with pavé diamonds, at a total weight of more than ten carats. It was manufactured in 2008 and sold to a US buyer via the brand’s New York City flagship on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Privé Porter acquired the unused bag from the original owner in 2015, and it was purchased from the company by a Los Angeles-based buyer who chose to remain anonymous. The Christie’s bag can still technically claim the title of the most expensive handbag sold at auction; this Birkin sold at a named price with no bidding.

We spoke to Privé Porter co-found and Managing Director Jeffrey Berk, who had this to say of the bag and its sourcing process: “Even with the sheer volume of Birkins we’re offered daily, we are very careful about the bags we actually buy. Is the color special? When was it produced? How rare is it? But we knew that when we had the opportunity to acquire this Braise Croc, we’d stumbled upon one of the special Birkins, the way a horse trainer may see a newborn and know that’s a Triple Crown winner someday. We hoped to sell it to someone who appreciated the bag as much as we do, and from what we understand, the buyer is a very sophisticated collector who genuinely understands how special and rare this bag is. Which is reflected in their willingness to pay the record price.”

Hermès reds and pinks are particularly sought-after shades for collectors; a Rouge H (which is a bit deeper than braise) Birkin set a sales record of over $203,000 back in 2011 via Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, and the most recent record holder from Christie’s in Hong Kong was bright pink. Recently, handbag resellers have been trying to convince the buying public that Birkins are a better investment than stocks or gold bars, and if you’ve got a red or pink croc Birkin at the ready, that just might be true.

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[Editor’s Note: This post generated the most fascinating comments on PurseBlog in 2015 (and was still generating them as recently as Thanksgiving, five months after its original publication), and we wanted to give you guys a chance to catch up and chime in with your own stories while we finish up the holidays and spend a little bit more time with our loved ones. If you haven’t read through the comments, we really recommend it–some of them are incredibly interesting and insightful about the process of acquiring the world’s most sought-after handbag.]

For some reason, it seems like the entirety of the fashion Internet has been talking about how to buy a Birkin lately. Lauren Sherman wrote about the bag’s enduring appeal for Bloomberg, Megs mentioned how she got hers in an interview with Racked and this one Harper’s Bazaar story on the process keeps tumbling down my Facebook newsfeed. If I’ve learned anything in my time at PurseBlog, though, it’s that there’s no One True Way to get a Birkin.


Tales of wait lists and long-term relationship-building with Hermès boutique employees abound, but Megs got her black Birkin by going into a store where she had no prior purchase history and asking nicely. Authentic Birkins are bought and sold every day on eBay, buyers are more than willing to scoop them up at traditional auctions like Heritage or Christie’s and sites like Moda Operandiregularly host short-term sales of expertly sourced Birkins. In some ways, getting a Birkin now is easier than ever, as long as you’re not a stickler about buying it directly from the brand. (And, in many cases, as long as you’re not picky about paying a markup for the immediate gratification.)

There are, of course, many people who become trusted Hermès clients and eventually get offered the bag of their dreams; our PurseForum is filled with stories about magical calls from Hermès boutiques, many out of the blue. The purchase of almost any bag has a story, and when the particular bag starts at $10,000 and only goes up from there, the stories are often well worth a listen. Today, we’d like to hear yours. Did you stick with the traditional route, get lucky or seek out alternative avenues?

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Hermès Debuts Minimalist Birkin

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There are few sacred things in handbag design, but among them is the Hermès Birkin. When Hermès is feeling creative, the brand generally looks to the Kelly to make tweaks and create new versions–we documented nearly a dozen in our guide to Hermès bag styles, and that doesn’t include limited editions. There are far fewer Birkin styles, but now, there’s another to add to the list: the pared-down Hermès Sellier Birkin 40.

According to T Magazine, Hermès leather design director Couli Jobert set out to de-clutter the Birkin down to its essential look, which involved losing the lock and key, hiding the stitching, smoothing the edges and removing the interior lining. The resulting 40cm bag comes only in black cowhide (T didn’t specify the Hermès leather name) with Palladium hardware, and it’ll set you back $14,900.

The timing of this Birkin is perfect; although interest in Hermès bags is seemingly unending, minimalism is very much en vogue for day bags, and any design, even a Birkin, runs the risk of feeling stale as trends ebb and flow. Breaking the Birkin down to its simplest state not only gives aficionados something to chatter about and clamor for, but it reminds all of us that Hermès is successful because the brand is built on a foundation of exceptional design and materials. Most brands’ bags would not fare as well when stripped down to their bones, but the Birkin’s magic endures.


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How To Ruin A Good Hermes Birkin Replica Bag!

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It’s true that you can find a Hermes Birkin replica bag in almost any hue, but even so, if you want your replica Hermes bag to look authentic, make sure that particular color you want actually exists. The more colors, the merrier, but make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Review Review

But it’s not only the color that makes or breaks a fake Birkin bag. When it comes to Hermes, it’s all about the subtle details that show just how good that replica really is. And after reading this review you’re going to understand what I’m talking about.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard about a new replica Hermes purses site and then I received this review. At first glance this Hermes Birkin replica bag looks better than most replicas. But then when you get to details that take a replica close to perfection, this bag becomes a big disappointment.

Let’s read my friend’s email and after that I’ll share my thoughts with you:

Hey, Eva!

I wrote this review with many mixed feelings… All the ordering process went pretty smoothly. I sent them a few emails before I actually placed the order because I was looking for a specific shade of blue. I even sent them pics with it. They said they have that color, but it’s not on the site. Even though it usually took them a day or two to answer, I was satisfied by their customer service because at least I got my answers.

So anyway, I finally decided to buy it, I placed the order, I paid by credit card and then I received the tracking #. It took 14 days for my bag to arrive, which I don’t think it’s too long considering it comes all the way from China.

At first I was in awe! It’s wasn’t the exact hue I requested but still, it was an amazing blue color! The stitching looks really good IMO and so does the leather. Well, almost too good to be true! I got so excited that at first I didn’t even notice that the logo was missing! And no sign of hardware engraving either! I couldn’t stop thinking why this happened to me…

It made me really sad, but I had to return it. I had to pay for the return shipping but at least I got my money back. I wrote them about this asking if all their Birkins miss logo and engravings but it’s been almost 2 weeks and they haven’t answered. I guess I’m not the only one this happened to.

Obviously, I’m not ordering anything from them again. I’m still mourning that beautiful blue color though :(

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Front View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Front View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Side View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Side View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Bottom View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Bottom View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Inside View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Inside View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching Detail

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching Detail

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Handles

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Handles

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Logo Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Logo Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stamp Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stamp Missing

What a shame! This Hermes Birkin replica bag had so much potential! But without the logo, the engravings and the stamping, this looks just like a bag that imitates a Birkin. Way to ruin a Hermes replica!

Girls, if you want to make sure your Hermes Birkin replica bag is good, it’s essential to check these things:

1. The logo – sure, the logo is not perfect on most knockoff Hermes handbags. Still, make sure it reads “Hermes Paris Made in France”, that the font is right and that the letters are crisp and clear. The color of the stamp should match the color of the hardware.
2. The engravings on the clasp and on the padlock should be thin and delicate. It takes a really soft touch to make them right and that’s why it’s one of the things that separates a good replica Hermes Birkin from a poorer one. The pull piece of the zipper should be engraved too.
3. Talking about the padlock, where is it? This is another piece in the puzzle that’s missing.
4. I.D. check – Every Birkin should feature an I.D. code on the reverse side of the leather strap in the right. This stamp indicates two things: the artisan’s ID and a letter inside a square that indicates the year the bag was made. For example, “M” is 2009, “N” is 2010 and so on.

The devil is in the details and this is even more obvious when it comes to replica Hermes handbags! You can’t expect everything to be perfect, but at least you know what you should look for so that you choose the best fake Birkin bag!

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Let’s Check in with Our Favorite Real Housewives and Their Handbags

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